"The world we live in is getting smaller and peoples actions have tremendous impact. In the era in wich we live people cannot get away with cllinging to their beliefs. I dont have any personal attachment or clinging to being a Buddhist. We need to step outside the boundaries of Buddhism and really go out and share the benefits of our Buddhist practise with the rest of the world. " / HHG Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Way of the Awakened One

Generosity, Patients, Moral, Joyous Effort, Concentration and Wisdom,
are all good virtues to accumulate.

Part of wisdom is realizing from the heart of knowing, that were all interdependent. What you choose to do and think in every moment of your life has a direct impact on your dearest ones as well as all other sentient beings. And its through this interdependence that we live our lives.

Think of the floor that you are treading every day, someone took his or her time to  put it together, just like the house you live in and the vehicle that transports you. Think of the school teachers that teach your children so that they can carry knowledge out in the world. The baker that baked the bread you were eating for breakfast. The list is endless. We are endless. In truth thats what we are. An infinite web of light.

And while we, as an infinite mass of light, remain here on this earth, in this precious human life, I think that we should really take care of the possibility given, to make the most out of our lives, what ever that means to each and every one of us. For the sake of everyone!

To me that means to follow my heart deeper in to the Dharma, and stay on the path. This is my choiceless choice. And choicelessnes has become my everyday life. Groundlessness my food and drink. Shedding layers of pride, arrogance, sorrow and pain, as I walk, sit, stand and lie down. Letting go of what I knew my self to be, entering the unknown in every moment.
This is the way of the Awakened One.

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