"The world we live in is getting smaller and peoples actions have tremendous impact. In the era in wich we live people cannot get away with cllinging to their beliefs. I dont have any personal attachment or clinging to being a Buddhist. We need to step outside the boundaries of Buddhism and really go out and share the benefits of our Buddhist practise with the rest of the world. " / HHG Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Friday, December 7, 2012

Carrying out The Noble Heart

To find a way walking through life with a noble heart is not a matter of what cast, statues or creed your born in to. Its about the spirit with which you carry yourself. In your meeting with others youll find the best mirror for self reflection ever, to really come truly up close with the truth of how you are carrying yourself.

To love a thousands in your mind and stay in closed retreat for ever, is a good training, but it doesnt really serve the purpose as to carry out a noble heart in the world, when aiming to nurture and develop the noble heart of a Bodhisattva.

This nobel ideal is best known from the wise and profound Buddhist culture of ancient Tibet, and are set in to motion in our day and age through our every day meetings.

Through being present, through staying with what is and not turning back from what is uncomfortable, but staying open, this ideal can be met. At the same time its not about sticking it out in any circumstances, or swimming against the tide no matter what. Nor is it about wearing out our capacity of staying alive to its ruins.

Its about finding a way to stay noble and true to our awakening hearts, and have the courage to do so.

In the “Tiger Heart program” of the body & mind movement method CM -Conscious Movement TM that I once upon a time created and taught, we many times just remained with our raw sensation of wanting to shrink back from something that was stirred up by the movement. Through continuously moving on we found a time in space to see ourselves without getting stuck. Given the chance of this generous moment occurring, and use it, we had the opportunity to free ourselves from identification with some long lived and well nurtured habits.

Then through leaning in to the sorest spot of all, inch by inch, riding on the breath, until the pain didnt frighten us any more, we learned how others felt the same. And through the compassion that awakened from that experience we could let go of our own painful self fixation and find our selves in peaceful stillness.

To stand still in the midst of movement and listen to the hearts longing to be heard is something we can all train ourselves in, and a true gift to one and all. This entitles the courage of being true to one another in the midst of a stained world system created by our collective habitual fear born out of separation. To scream NO, enough is enough, when the worlds young people self immolate them selfs while we are buzzy looking for wrinkles in the mirror. That is what we need to do, as it is our own hearts that are burning.

We all want to be happy and we all have had the experience of fear, loss, pain and blame. We have all been each others mothers in this swirl of lifetimes up on lifetimes. Isnt it about time that we really recollected that?! I mean really. In the awakening heart there is no distinction between them and us. There is only the longing for everyone to be equally peacefully free. Truly free. Knowing that others want the same, we give birth to the aim to bring every one there, through the wisdom and compassion of the noble heart awakening.

Only respect and recognition of what is true can lead us there. Try at your work place or with your family and friends today and youll see. No one wants to have a back turned to them when theyre screaming in agony and pain. Or even just reaching out to connect for that matter. Nothing will solve our since beginningless time inhered worldly problems, unless we change our habits and stand up for each other with one voice saying; - Enough is enough.
Not one single generation more of these ignorant ways!

Its time to cultivate our noble hearts, and wake up to our inborn nature. And to carry this true nobility out in the world with respect for one another. To our selves, our beloved once, enemies and strangers. To all our, at least once in some lifetime, nurturing, carrying and loving Mothers, and re-pay each others kindness.

Our true selves, which are neither this nor that, but an abiding presence of a golden stream of wakefulness, effortlessly carrying itself out, spontaneously fulfilling wishes of love and joy. That is what we come to know ourselves to be inherently, when having the courage to carry out the noble heart.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heartland of the Dakinis

Heartland of the Dakinis

Anapurna range. A completely different part of the Himalayas. Just to confuse you. ;-)

Early monsoon I made a pilgrimage in to the heartland of the Dakinis - Garsha Khandroling in Lahaul. Blessed with many holy places and incomparable shrines of worship I wandered from place to place. Basking in this wisdom I felt such grace, connecting with the core of these many thousand years old yogic pilgrim sites. Hidden in vast and hard to reach valleys in far away Himalayas.

Deep in to the mountains my heart was filled with an ocean of inspirational compassion, kneeling at the magical Avalokiteshvara/Shiva statue in Trilokinath, as well as marveling at the Dakinis footsteps in a potato field in Markula, a small town blessed with its many thousand years old holy temple dedicated to the Goddess Divine. I made it back just in time for the annual Lama dances in one of the many roof top monasteries of Keylong. Ema-ho!

I sat and sat some more at the holy mountain Drilbu Ri. Enjoying its splendor and magnificent views, pure water and core sacredness. With the chants, drums and trumpets resounding and echoing through out the valley my heart rejoiced a thousand times over all the wonders that has taken place, and that are still taking place at this, by seen and unseen forces, well protected area.

I thank the local Dakas and Dakinis for sharing theyre rich wealth and heritage with a simple wanderer from far away land like my self. Its humbeling to wake up and behold the majesty of the white dressed mountain tops at 4000 something meters and being able to breath and climb in her powerful presence.

I rejoice in the manifold flora and fauna so richly growing from seemingly no soil, and the water streams and falls providing each moment with a meditative roar and pour.

I thank the dragons for inviting and carrying for me on my journey. It was quite scary sometimes looking down at the 1000 meter shafts straight in to the bottom of the valley, while riding the vehicles to take me to and from, on the muddy mountain roads destined by landslides and potentially rolling stones at any moment.

I dont regret for a second going there, neither do I miss this holy Himalayan shrine. She lives in my heart now. For ever.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Moon in Dharamsala

Came up early with the Nuns community to the Namgyal Gompa. Just in time for His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama to enter the tempel! Kneeling on a red scarf together, sharing a white katha to offer, he briefly stopped near by and first blessed the somewhat desperate older man sitting beside us. As he glanzed over in our direction he met my eyes and time stopped. In that moment I found tears bursting out of my eyes. For the rest of that morning there was a sense of being held by his grace. Swimming in an ocean of love. Ill never forget that New Moon day