"The world we live in is getting smaller and peoples actions have tremendous impact. In the era in wich we live people cannot get away with cllinging to their beliefs. I dont have any personal attachment or clinging to being a Buddhist. We need to step outside the boundaries of Buddhism and really go out and share the benefits of our Buddhist practise with the rest of the world. " / HHG Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking Delight

Delight is naturally present in our lifes.

If we look at mundane things.
We like hearing songs, having belongings, being praised and so forth.
We experience delight in connection with the good things of this life.
In due to enjoy these things we do make an effort to get them.
So the energy to do that is coming from the enjoyment to do those things.
Taking delight .
We can just look at our own experience. Its a natural striving to get this.
To feel good about having this in our lifes.
The enjoyment of having worldly things.
Look at how worldly delight comes about. Study that and take a lesson from it.
How delight comes about in our lives in how were seeing them.
In this connection we can refer to what is called "the 8 worldly dharmas": Gain or Loss, Praise or Blame, Happiness or Pain, Victory or Defeat.

We like to get things. Losing it or not getting what we want - we dont like.
Chosing between happiness or suffering - we like happiness and we dont like pain.
Everybody thinks like this.
The dislike comes from seeing those four (4) negative ones as being wrong.
When were not having one of the four (4) we dont like - we like that. Its a form of worldly wealth, worldly abundance.
In addition to that, we like very much when we have the other nice four (4) ones.
There are situations when delight is produced - so we make effort to make these situations manifest.
So that great effort we make in order to get delight, is what we can call diligence!
The way Shantideva described diligence was to take delight in virtue.
Where as the efforts one makes in the 8 worldly things are lazyness.
All the effort to get these worldly things are lazyness.
Real diligence is taking delight in virtues activity.
When this lazyness occur its what is called attachment to lesser activitys. Of wish theres three kinds:

Attachment to...
0. Lesser activitys, or negative activitys.
0. Sheepish lazyness, not believing one can acomplish something. Sleepy, dull.

Where does that come from?!?
Taking delight in non-virtue comes from attachment to lesser activitys. And when one recognizes this attachment one can take delight in virtue. One doesnt know and are confused when being attached to lesser activitys, seduced and takes delight. If one knew that these are lesser activitys one wouldnt do it.
Its a mistake.

So recognizing this it has the opposite effect.
The 8 worldly dharmas and the acivitys we perform in adopting and rejecting there is something we see as positive, an advantage.
Beacuse we see things in a shortsited way. Not like theres another life coming.
Only this life alone.
Not taking in account that were going to die.
Or what will happen after we die.
Only totally zooming in on this life.
We see it like the best thing to do and to spend our lifes.
If this life where all, then the worldly way would be the best, cause there wouldnt be any karmic results.
Just get all the great things you can, makek sure nothing gets in the way of that enjoyment! Grab what you can.
But if we are able to extend our view we see that before we were born we already had a life, and after we die we will be born again.
And we see that there is a karmic effect occuring.
So the happiness and suffering we have in this life is not coming from the outer things we can get or not, but caused by our own previous actions.
Which then links up with conditions in this life, that we experience in a pleasant or non pleasant way.

So what we do now will be the cause of our future experience.
Choose wisely.